Day Trips

Day trips are days that we all look forward to, whether you are spending the day with family or friends; we want to make this day as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

There are many activities that bring everybody together for a days outing. Enjoying your day at the zoo, theme park or spending the day at the seaside, being together is the most important thing regardless of what activity you have planned.

By using YellowCab Minibus hire, you will not need to worry about arriving at your destination at different times to the rest of your party, and you are guaranteed a relaxing journey.

Call us today to learn more information about why you should spend your day trip in this new Ford Tourneo 9-seater minibus.

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Why use YellowCab minibus hire

YellowCab Leisure have been trading for 35 years and have diversified from selling Caravans and Motorhomes to having a large fleet of Motorhomes for hire, our latest venture is Private Minibus Hire. Our Minibuses can be hired for a wide variety of uses from getting a group of work colleagues to a business meeting, going to a motorsport event with a group of friends, attending a music festival, getting friends or family to an airport all together rather than using separate vehicles. All of this can be done in luxury with one of our minibuses.

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